Friday, August 25, 2006

Finalize your DVD-R video assignment!!

Why do I have to finalize a DVD-R disc? How can I play back without finalizing? Can I further record on a finalized disc?

Much like "closing" a recordable CD, you must finalize a Video mode DVD-R/RW disc in order to be able to play it on a regular DVD player or computer DVD drive. This writes all the necessary control information to the disc, and adds a main menu. Once a disc is finalized, you cannot edit or add more material to it. The amount of time required for finalization depends on the disc mode and the amount of recorded material. Video mode discs can take up to 20 minutes to finalize, and VR mode discs can take up to 1 hour. Once finalized, you can no longer add motion video to that particular disc. Discs that are not finalized can still be played back when inserted in the DVD-Camcorder.


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